Top 10 Best Selling Energy Drinks In The World

   1.     Red Bull

                              The most popular energy drink in the world. This Drink was created in 1987 and is sold by Red Bull GmbH, a company based in Austria. The brand uses a tall and slim can which is blue and silvered colored. The brand owns multiple sports teams across the world and has top celebrity endorsements besides marketing itself through innovative and unique advertising. It also has a record label called Red Bull Records.




   2.     Monster

                                The Hansen Natural Corporation introduced the Monster Energy drink in 2002 and since then it has gone on to become a cultural symbol of much more than just an energy drink. Often associated with events like BMX, Speedway, Snowboarding, Motocross and several other extreme sports, Monster Energy activates promotes some music bands from all over the globe. The brand is widely known for its logo featuring a bright green M on a black background.




   3.     RockStar

                              Rockstar started as an energy drink in 2001 in the American city of Las Vegas. Now it has become a global brand selling around twenty different flavors in over thirty countries and capturing a chunk of the domestic market in the United States. Often packaged in brightly colored drinks Rockstar energy drinks come in carbonated, non-carbonated and RTD coffee variants and the brand even produces its brand of Rockstar energy chewing gum. the Brand provides low-calorie drinks too.




   4.     Lucozade

                              Lucozade is one of the oldest businesses, Lucozade started far back in 1927 after William Owen, an English chemist wanted to create a source of quick energy for patients with common illnesses. The company has grown to become a multinational brand that a wide variety of energy drinks and sports drinks. Although manufactured in England, the company is currently owned by Suntory, a Japanese conglomerate. The company is a sponsor of the main sporting events and Sportster both in the UK and worldwide.




   5.     NOS

                              Originating in the United States over a decade ago, NOS is produced by Monster Beverage, but all its trademarks belong to the company called Holley Performance. NOS uses high levels of taurine in its products besides caffeine and some drinks also contain L-Theanine, a compound found in green tea.




   6.     Burn

                              This energy drink brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company sells its products in over 80 countries globally. It is recognized for promoting talent in EDM music; the burn energy drink is well known for its catchy slogan “Fuel your fire.” Like many of its competitors, Burn is also involved in sponsoring and promoting several extreme sports including parkour, surfing, and racing.




   7.     M-150

                              One of the few non-carbonated energy drinks, M-150 is hugely popular in Thailand. It was introduced in 1985. This soft drink with a characteristic amber color is sold in small glass bottles.




   8.     Sting

                              Owned by PepsiCo international, this carbonated energy drink brand is famous in Southeast Asia. Originally introduced in 2002 in the small and mountainous nation Nepal, it has become a multinational corporation that posted over $261 million in sales last year. the drink is rich in B vitamins besides providing a stable dose of sugar, ginseng, caffeine, taurine to the body.




   9.     Cobra

                              Cobra energy drink has single-handedly revolutionized the energy drink market in the Philippines and leads to several innovations over the past decade. In a country where energy drink was sold like some medicinal cough syrup, Cobra came in and conquered the market with its modern and fresh looking glass bottles that served up a fizzy and delicious drink. Undoubtedly the best selling energy drink domestically, Cobra is now seeking to take foreign shores by storm and has introduced three new variants to appeal to a wide range of customers.




  10.     AMP

                               The Amp is an American energy drink that was introduced in 2001 and is one of the tops selling energy drinks domestically. Amp sponsors many multiple extreme sports and leading athletes including NASCAR drivers, top UFC athletes and has also become the official energy drink of the hugely popular World Extreme Cage fighting group.



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