Smoking :-   

                  Smoking is increase to a danger level. There are a lot of people engage. Mostly youth are engage in smoking. It is very bad thing for us. Because youth of any country are the nation builders. So if they addicted they who this country is developed. So we want to think about side. Smoking has many side-effects such as lungs cancer, through cancer, problem in breathing and lips cancer. 

                 If we find reasons of smoking from people then they tell, release stress, mostly for fun. Many people is smoke is just for fun. They are mind less or insane And after fun, They addicted. Government imposed many taxes on cigarettes. And restricted for less then 18 years. 

                A lot of people dead every year from smoking but people do not seek. Now there are smoke gadgets are found such as hookah, sheesha, cigarettes etc. These thing are destroy our youth. Now Government restricted strictly.