4 Foods to avoid with High Blood Pressure


      1.  Deli Meats and Bacon

                        Delicatessen meats and bacon are frequently seasoned and preserved with salt. Healthier choices include roast beef, roasted chicken or turkey, and grilled chicken. Since these foods do not have preservatives, you will have to buy them in small quantities, or you can freeze small potions.



      2.  Sugar

                               High Sugar intake is also linked to high blood pressure. Sugar has contributed to an increase in obesity in people of all ages. High blood pressure is more common in people who are overweight or obese.





     3.  Soft Drinks

                    Soft drinks supply nothing more than sugar and calories. One can of soda generally contains more than 9 tsp of sugar or 39 total grams that is the entire daily recommended amount for men and two-thirds for women!





     4.  Alcohol

                    Alcohol consumption actively causes blood pressure to elevate. it also damages the walls of the blood vessels while simultaneously increasing risks of further compilations, making it a horrible choice for adults with high blood pressure.

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