6 Low Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss

   1.    Watermelon

                              Watermelon has a high water content to keep you hydrated and full while supplying a minimal number of calories. One cup (152 grams) of diced watermelon contains 46 calories alongside an assortment of essential micronutrients that link vitamins A and C.




   2.    Eggs

                             Eggs are extremely nutrient-dense, as they’re low in calories. Studies suggest that starting your day with a serving of eggs can reduce hunger and boost fullness.




   3.    Grapefruit

                              As with another citrus, grapefruit is a vitamin C heavyweight. University of Arizona researchers determined that daily intake can help lower waist circumference blood pressure, and cholesterol numbers, making it a ticker-friendly low-calorie fruit option.




   4.    Popcorn

                             The butter-strewn offering from multiplex is a calorie bomb, but when it comes to a low-calorie snack choice, air-popped popcorn is a definite waistline-friendly option.




   5.    Tomatoes

                              Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the world. They can be served raw, cooked or pureed in a tomato sauce. They’re also highly nutritious and contain a beneficial compound called lycopene. Research has shown that lycopene may protect against cancer, inflammation and heart disease.




   6.    Broccoli

                              Broccoli is particularly high in vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. it’s also high in fiber and low-calorie. One cup of chopped broccoli only 31 calories.



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