How do I tell my recently ex boyfriends parents he still does drugs?

Me and my boyfriend just broke up tonight. And my reasoning behind that is because he cares about drugs more than me. I want to tell his parents and I have already decided I’m going to but I don’t know how. How do I tell his parents he still does drugs?

adminHow do I tell my recently ex boyfriends parents he still does drugs?

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  1. dani

    just call them..his house..and ask if you can talk to them without him because theres something they should know…………?

  2. YaYaBrapBrap

    its not your right to tell his parents it should be his choice unless there really bad drugs. but if its weed let him do his thing

  3. xxOxx

    I dont know if thats your place too…sooner or later thell find out…trust me parents know when something bad if effective in there kids life

  4. Taurean

    Call them and tell them that you broke up with him because of drugs and that you have tried that he should leave this habit but he cares more about drugs than me.

  5. cDaMan

    well what kind of drugs, if its just pot or maybe the occasional shrooms, then its fine, its safer than alcohol and maybe why he likes them more than you is because you seem to hate drugs so this separates you, stop putting this between you and maybe you could get back together, now if hes doing something like meth or coke, then tell his parents, but if not, don’t be separated from him because of drugs, you have no idea how close certain drugs like pot and shrooms can bring 2 people together,you could get high with him, if you don’t want to, that is understandable, but don’t break up with him because he likes drug, instead, like him for who he is, drugs are simply part of who he is, and for that matter, who i am, the boy friend of yours you always knew, during the good times, his drug use was part of him then…

  6. Big Nasty 775

    It’s not of your business.
    If it is a hard drug, then let him ruin his own life.
    It’s something like pot, then he’s not harming anyone or himself, so leave him alone.
    Either way, don’t be nark. Narks suck.

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