How can you fail a drug test without doing drugs?

I recently got hired for a new job after 5 months of being unemployed, but I have to take a drug test. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, or anything else. But ever since I saw the Seinfeld when Elaine failed because of the poppyseed bagel I’ve been kind of paranoid because I’m the person who feels that everything bad happens to them. Are there any foods or anything else I should stay away from for the time being? Or am I just being paranoid and have nothing to worry about since I don’t do drugs?

adminHow can you fail a drug test without doing drugs?

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  1. cutelilangel_69_5000

    Oh god….don’t believe everything you see on tv. Your just being paranoid.

  2. tom

    your just paranoid these tests are pretty accurate but they’d fall on the other side of the fence if anything meaning that you might be able to even do a little amount of drugs and they wouldn’t be able to tell trust me your fine

  3. Deb S

    You are just being paranoid! Relax. If you don’t do drugs your test will be fine.

  4. Jamiep6

    your not going to fail as long as you dont do drugs. and you have to eat A WHOLE LOT of poppy seed bagels to fail a drug test. yes, your being paranoid.

  5. Michael Skarn

    If you think that anything you ate would affect the result, all you have to do is tell the test administrator beforehand. They’ll probably give you some what not to eat and tell you to take the test in a few days.

  6. Krista W

    I think you’re just being paranoid. I wouldn’t eat poppyseeds, if I were you, but that’s the only thing I’ve EVER heard of giving a false positive on a drug test. Good luck!

  7. blklacquer

    If you don’t do drugs, don’t handle drugs and don’t hang around people while they are doing them, you should be fine. And if you still have some doubt go to the local pharmacy and get a home test first. Wonder where she got that bagel from? Good luck!

  8. unislamic

    From just being all doped up from birth! I would hate to be you and have your life!

  9. desitiny2002

    when you take a drug test they usually ask you have you had anything that would make your test be abnormal. yes your are being paranoid your fine as long as you dont do drugs

  10. bigfrank1255

    You wont fail unless you eat like 10 popyseed bagles the morning before you go in. Otherwise you are good. i have taken like 5 and never failed. losers fail drug tests. They do drugs and fail if you dont to drugs you have nothing to worry about,

  11. dormi22

    Poppyseed bagels of course. Marijuana brownies, teas or anything like that. Crack Crackers, Heroine hero sandwiches, and Meth Casseroles should be avoided.

    Good Luck

  12. Rebecca S

    if you don’t do drugs, then don’t stress. you’d have to eat an awful lot of poppyseeds to fail…

  13. *D*

    Cold medicines can show up as amphetamines. And I wouldn’t think one poppyseed bagel could put you over the limit. Don’t worry about it, some people pass drug tests that ARE on drugs.

  14. silencetheevil8

    Poppies DO show up on a drug test as positive for opiates but oftenly when you pop positive they take further measures to make sure that the test is correct. This was tested on a recent episode of mythbusters.

  15. Stan P

    You have nothing to worry about. You can’t believe everything on TV, and false positives can set up the employer for lawsuits. No employer wants that.

  16. rtanys

    Stay away from fast food for a while. Sesame seed buns will show up positive on a drug screen.

  17. william n

    they look only for specific drugs,tell them before doing a test if your on medication of any kind otherwise dont worry about it.

  18. Liz D

    You don’t need to worry. That Seinfeld was the extreme. People who have smoked pot or done drugs will still test positive months later but you are in the clear. Do your test and relax. You got a new job! Be happy.

  19. Kimberly B

    Poppyseed can show up looking like pot on drug screens. Just avoid poppyseed and pot three days before they make you pee in a cup and you’ll be fine!

  20. djave

    you are paranoid!…STOP putting vinegar on your chips!…or they will say youre drunk!…

  21. Michelle M

    Some herbal medicines can give you a false positive, also to much liquids is a dilute, and some combinations of meds can also give you a positive.

  22. ky1atty

    You are just paranoid. You can absorb small amounts of THC hanging around pot smokers, but that’s it.

  23. T

    The only people that realisticly have to worry about that sort of thing are athletes, but thats because they would be concerned about other subtances, such as asprin

  24. ausganger_schwartzfeld

    Ask a friend in the military…They have a list of items to avoid
    before a test…

  25. canam

    There are certain medications that give false positives on a drug test. The poppyseed thing was bogus, Since you dont do drugs, you have nothing to worry about. Dont take any benadryl before the test.

  26. Joyful

    The only other thing I can think of would be if someone slipped you something. Before I read the extra description on your question, I thought of that Seinfeld episode too, don’t worry you’re not alone on that thinking.
    Otherwise, I think you might be a little paranoid, but it doesnt hurt to ask. Maybe also consider prescribed medications you might be taking. I think if you tell them what you’re on and have proof that its prescribed to you, you’d be ok. But even still, that kind of thing might not even show up. Maybe also stay away from parties where people might try and sneek in something like pot brownies. And maybe even fast food places that might be considered seedy. I mean, ya never know what they might drop into it.
    But in the end, I think you’ll be fine.

  27. tooth hunter

    stay away from poppy seed topped bun/rolls they show as opieds
    show any script drugs and any otc drugs

  28. Imaka

    I don’t want to increase your paranoia, but it is not unheard of for an innocent person to fail a drug test. However, food does not usually cause a problem. Do some research about it so that you are informed. Here is one site that may help you.

  29. pheonix4fire

    I got pulled over the other day & was found to be over the limit. All I had been drinking that day was cough medicine. If your on any medication or have been sick like. e.g. cough syrup, then yes you could be pulled up on it. I was let off, but it was really embrassing. Go to the chemist & talk to the staff there, they might be able to shred some light for you.

  30. Nick

    Although some foods contain chemicals that are present in illegal drugs that are tested for, you shouldn’t worry about testing positive by eating them. Any amounts in these foods won’t be present in your system in reasonable amounts.

    Poppy seed do infact contain drugs such as opium and morphine, but like i said above, it’s nothing to worry about.

  31. pjustme101

    A poppyseed bagel can actually show up on a drug test for opiates. I know it’s only a TV show, but it’s true. I speak from personal experience. My guess is that you’re probably a bit paranoid–maybe you should look into why you think the world is out to get you–and you most likely have nothing to worry about. Just relax. It’s a drug test, and since you don’t do them, you have nothing to worry about–even the poppyseed bagel. If you eat them, put them away for a week, or explain to the tester that you have eaten them. Good luck on your new job!

  32. maggiecme

    There are lots of things that can cause a false positive on a drug test and the testers understand this. They will typically ask a series of questions before even giving the test to be sure that they catch the false positive. Many medicines and vitamins can cause false positives and I even have a friend who has diabetes who says that the disease itself can cause a false positive.

    There is absolutely no reason to be anxious over it if you don’t actually get involved in recreational drugs. For all we know, adrenaline caused by stress could cause a false positive. ;)


    Wow. Didn’t know diabetes or kidney problems will test you positive.


    If they haven’t say anything about it., don’t worry about it.

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